James “Jimbo” Michael

Specialized Training Cell Leader

With 25 years of military service, both Navy and Air Force, and numerous combat engagements using aircraft for close air support, reconnaissance, as well as ISR support, Jimbo is well equipped for his role at Tough Stump Technologies. He previously served as the lead JTAC instructor at the Air Force’s top Special Mission Unit, so he knows his stuff and enjoys teaching others the best way to accomplish the mission. As the leader of Tough Stump’s Specialized Training Cell, Jimbo is not only responsible for running the ATAK basic course, but also training events to include down pilot scenarios. He does it all and on any given day you might find him teaching, performing research and development of plugins, or training people using Quad UAS’s and network (mesh/MANET/TAK servers) layouts. Jimbo loves a challenge, never takes no for an answer and believes no job is too big. His passion and desire to think of innovative ways to solve a problem make him a great asset to Tough Stump Technologies and our clients. As he likes to say, we’re “Tactical dudes solving tactical problems.” Born in Georgia and raised in Alabama, this self-proclaimed “good ole boy” is a family man who has never met a stranger. Jimbo loves spending time with his wife and family of six kids, ranging in age from 10 to 21, at their home in Pinehurst. They also have four dogs, two cats and a bearded dragon to keep things exciting!


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